The Beauty Guide

The Beauty Guide will help you prepare yourself physically and emotionally for your Boudoir Experience. Take the time to pamper yourself in the weeks before your session, and make self-care a priority, as it will show through in your portraits. Follow this timeline for stress-free photo shoot preparation.


  1. MAKE APPOINTMENTS – When booking your salon and spa appointments, be sure to follow this timeline. Many treatments are time-sensitive. (Example: waxing your brows shouldn’t be booked too close to your shoot to avoid redness.)
  2. SET YOUR INTENTIONS  – Journal about the woman you want to meet in your portraits. This will set the tone for your session, to help ensure you’ll love your images. It may even change the kind of wardrobe you end up shopping for.
  3. DRINK MORE WATER – We all know water is important, yet we still forget to drink enough. Start now.
  4. REFRESH YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE – Wash your face morning and night, exfoliate and/or dry brush (face and body) every other day, moisturize your full body every day, and wear lip balm constantly.


  1. FINSIH SHOPPING – Finalize your wardrobe. Place any online orders right away. Make sure you have everything you need to complete each look, including undergarments and accessories.
  2. START STRETCHING – Try to stretch for 20 minutes each day before your shoot. Especially your neck, back, and hips. A boudoir session can be physically different than other things, as you will be holding poses for a while to get the perfect image.
  3. AVOID THE SUN – Sunburns and tan lines are portrait ruiners. Use sunscreen and stay in the shade.
  4. DON’T PICK (OR BITE) – Especially your skin, lips, and nails.


  1. FINALIZE YOUR WARDROBE – Try on and finalize your wardrobe.
  2. WAX EYEBROWS AND UPPER LIP – Get your brows waxed or threaded by a pro. Try to stay close to your natural shape, and don’t go too thin. Have your upper lip waxed as well.
  3. WAX BODY HAIR – Wax (or shave) the hair on your legs and underarms bikini area.
  4. AVOID FAKE TANNING – If you usually spray tan or use fake tanning lotion, take a hiatus now until after your session.


  1. REFRESH YOUR HAIR COLOR – If you color your hair, touching up your regrowth 3-7 days before your photo shoot is ideal. Keep in mind this is not the time for drastic changes.
  2. GET A TRIM – Neat, healthy hair is youthful and vibrant. If it’s been a while since your last haircut, go for a subtle trim.
  3. DEEP CONDITION – Your salon can do a conditioning or gloss treatment, or use your favorite deep conditioner at home.
  4. GET AN EYELASH FILL – If you usually have eyelash extensions, have them refreshed a few days before your session. Do not get lash extensions if they aren’t in your regular routine. False lashes are included with your makeup application with your session.
  5. BUY GROCERIES – Plan a nurturing dinner for the evening before your session, as well as a healthy session day breakfast.


  1. HAVE A MANICURE – Soft, neutral colors work best. While you’re at it, toss in the pedicure (go for any color you like on toes).
  2. CLEAN YOUR WEDDING RING – For a fast and easy DIY option, try using a toothbrush & toothpaste to clean your bling.
  3. SHAVE – Touch up your body hair situation; remember under- arms, and legs; and possibly bikini area.
  4. TWEEZE EYEBROWS – Double check for any strays.


Your focus this morning should be caring for yourself. Breathe. Remember, you are beautiful, and I will capture that for you.

  • BEAUTY SLEEP –  Be sure to get all eight hours.
  • BREAKFAST – Think protein and complex carbs.
  • BARE FACE – Wash and apply your usual moisturizer.
  • MOISTURIZE – Apply some serious lotion or oil.
  • CLEAN, DRY HAIR– Show up with clean hair and our stylist will take care of you.
  • ARRIVE ON TIME – Plan to get to the room right at the time your session is scheduled for, being late will take away valuable shooting time.