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“Tressie is absolutely one of a kind. She instantly puts you at ease, she is professional yet laid back, and is so much fun to work with. You won’t be disappointed. She more than exceeded my expectations. I’ve seen her work before and knew I was going to have beautiful high quality images, but my goodness! I keep looking at them and am in awe of how she has managed to capture my personality and tell my story. It’s so easy for us to forget how beautiful we truly are behind the wrinkles, freckles, and scars that we have accumulated over the years. Tressie has a way of highlighting those very “imperfections” and showing you how beautiful you are because of them, and how lucky you are to have the stories they tell. It’s as though I dusted off the cover of an old book, read the worn pages again, and was reminded of why I loved the book in the first place.” ~ K

“What an amazing experience and Tressie has an innate ability to put you at ease and show you the best in yourself!” ~ J

“Tressie is amazing. She’s so good at making people feel comfortable in front of the camera (even if her subject is a tad nervous)! She knows exactly what she’s doing. You’ll love every second of the experience.” ~ K