Embrace your Femininity

We all have both feminine and masculine energy inside of us. Our feminine energy is more about feeling, while our masculine energy is more about doing.

There is no right or wrong way to be, it all depends on you and how you feel balanced.

Examples of femininity energy:

feeling | receiving | intuition | creating | being | grounded | emotional |nurturing | healing | calm | soft | yin | surrender | collaborative | empathetic | sensitive

Examples of masculine energy:

thinking | providing | logical | driven | outcome orientated | analytical | achieving | competitive | ambitious | doing | protective | yang | control | self assured | objective 

Understand your own energy. Use these  questions as journal prompts.

When do you feel most feminine? What makes you feel feminine?

When do you feel more in your masculine?

10 ways to nurture your femininity.

  1. Create. Cooking, painting, drawing, knitting, poetry, gardening. Any type of creativity is a way to get in touch with your feminine.
  2. Self-care. Think about what recharges you and make time to care for yourself. You might like to carve out a little alone time, read a book, go for a walk, take a bath, whatever makes you feel nurtured.
  3. Just BE. Practice mindfulness and presence when you can and make sure you stop ‘doing’ for a little time each day.
  4. Connect with nature. Get outside and into nature – walk in the grass, lay in the sun, go to the beach, look at the stars.
  5. Dance and move. Express your femininity with free movement! Dance especially will awaken your feminine energy. Yin yogis focused on softening into the present moment – a perfect way to nurture your femininity.
  6. Celebrate your body. Spend time lovingly massaging yourself with body oil while thinking kind and loving thoughts. Pamper yourself with a face mask or hair treatment. When looking in the mirror, try to take your focus to the areas of your body that you love, and dress in a way that makes you feel beautiful.
  7. Spend time with your sisterhood. Make time to be with your friends that love and encourage you.
  8. Journal. Journaling helps with your inner reflection and self expression. It can be very sacred practice that bring clarity and connection with yourself. As women, we often process our thoughts and emotions by talking, so writing is a practice that allows us to process alone.
  9. Connect with your intuition. Let go of the analytical mind and allow your gut and inner feelings to guide your decisions. Trust your women’s intuition.
  10. Get to know your menstrual cycle. Each phase of your cycle carries a different energy and might draw you to certain practices.

We have been taught along the way that feminine energy is weak and masculine is strong – but each is strong in it’s own way.

Feminine strength and power lies in our ability to connect with ourselves and other, to receive and be present in the moment.

Next let’s look at our intuition vs. inner critic.

Examples of your intuition:

Voice of heart and soul, inner wisdom, inner knowing.