Have you ever dreamt about something, an amazing new pair of shoes, a handbag, or a vacation at your favorite location? You know how amazing it feels when you invest in yourself, and do something you love, just because it makes you feel so good?

A Boudoir Experience is the epitome of Luxury. You certainly do not have to do it, you do it because you want to. The way you makes you feel about yourself is unlike anything else. It’s like that amazing pair of shoes you splurge on, you don’t need them, but damn you feel good every time you wear them.

We don’t have anything to hide, your experience is an investment for us and for you. We’ve spent years cultivating this concept, we go out of our way on multiple levels to bring you impeccable service, because we want this to be one of the best experiences of your life.

We bring you the unexpected. We love experiences that change you from the inside out. Things that leave a mark on your soul, that imprint you for life. Your images will serve as a reminder of the transformation you go through, and showing up for yourself, and taking self-love to a new level. That’s work investing in.

That being said, your Boudoir Experience is an investment as well.

Our all inclusive Collection is $2,250 + tax and includes:

  • Professional Hair and Makeup with lashes
  • Dry hair Styling
  • 3 wardrobe changes (2 Hours of shooting time)
  • Location of a private suite in a Luxury Hotel
  • Fully guided session
  • Fully retouched images
  • A private Image Presentation
  • 20 Page Luxury Album
  • 20 Digital Portraits of images in Album on a crystal USB drive
  • 10 Inch Wall Portrait

A $500 deposit is required to reserve your time, the remainder is due 72 hours before your session.

Payment plans are available.

We understand this may be a stretch for you, and we respect that. So, give Tressie a call or email so you can go over all the details, and answer all your questions. Plus it’s really fun to get to know each other and start planning your dream session.

Have more questions? Contact Tressie, and she can answer all your questions.