The Style Guide

The beautiful thing about boudoir is there is no proper outfit. Be true to you and your style. You want to look and your images and feel like yourself, not like your dressed up in someone else’s wardrobe. 

There is no perfect image, and it is not for a specific type of person. You can wear anything from a wedding veil to a white bedsheet. This guide will give you some inspiration.


This is what we most commonly start off shoots with because it is playful, it gives your hands something to do, it is suggestive and there is something about pulling clothes in all different directions that is so sexy. Everyone has an open front sweater, yes? Grab it. Preferably in a neutral color. We can pair it with a cami like, a bra and panty, or nothing at all.


Wearing one of these with nothing under it, paired with a pair of white underwear is a completely classic, completely inexpensive look, that make for some really steamy boudoir images. Some people really love lacy lingerie, some really love casual, and some love both. The crop top can do wonders for your shape and it is so suggestive. Play around with ones that are loose, tight, cut out in the back and various lengths. It’s a another great option to start the session in, and play around with while you get comfortable.


Jeans are another one of those more everyday outfits that you can make sexy and suggestive by unzipping them or doing a picture with only the pants and no shirt on. Jeans can give a girl next door character that is super playful.


This is another casual option to start off your shoot with. There are a million poses you can do with a t-shirt a shot of you taking it off makes the perfect transition to show the next outfit on the following page of your album.


It can be hard to style an outfit that isn’t just a bra and panties. Robes or kimonos can give the idea of lounging around the house, they can be playful to slip off or can even be worn without a bra underneath to add something to the imagination.


A cocktail dress can tell a story of the first part of the date. When the page turns and you are unzipping or sliding it off it is a beautiful suggestion for what we can expect in the next few pages! It is also a great to ease into the shoot if the idea of shooting in lingerie still intimidates you (which it does for most!) We could even go down to the hotel lobby in your dress and get a few shot of you having a drink in the lounge, to really tell a story. Think of how you would tease your partner to get your mind going and give yourself some inspiration.


Something so simple, versatile, inexpensive and beautiful. You can easily find a sheer scarf in a luxurious fabric that are perfect for boudoir images.


A classic. Heels do so many things. They make your legs look longer, tone up your calves, help your posture, and add an extra layer of sex appeal to almost any lingerie outfit. Even if casual is your thing I still recommend bringing at least one pair.


These really work for a specific style. It is isn’t for everyone, but can definitely add some fire to your outfit with the right heels and garter belt!


Most of us have no idea how to put these on, but damn they look and feel so sexy. When garter belts are paired with stockings and heels, there is something about it that is like nothing else.


Make sure you bring at least one well fitting bra with MATCHING panties. The amount of coverage on the panties is up to you, g-strings and and strappy styles photography beautifully, but make sure you choose the size correctly and don’t get anything to small.


WOW, these look amazing in photos, even if you can’t breathe while your wearing it. They are incredible flattering on every body type and give off a subtle role play vibe that can really add to the mood of your shoot. A well fitting corset can even hide a tummy or stretch marks, and does wonders for cleavage.


Everything old is new again. High waisted bottoms were popular back in the 70’s. They look SO amazing in pictures. They have a way of slimming the stomach and the cheekie bottoms create an amazing curve on your bum to really highlight your assets.


This one can be so versitle. It creates a great morning-after look and feel. It can be tame all the way buttoned up or spicy pulling it open, taking it off, or letting it lay so it just barely covers you. Rather than taking one of your partner’s shirts, look for a longer sleep shirt that drapes well. Silk is a great fabric.


We have arrived at my absolute favorite lingerie to photograph. Sometimes called a ONE PEICE TEDDY, I think these are the most underratted lingerie there is. It is incredibly flattering on all body types. There are a million different designs for how it covers you and it is more versital than you would think. They are available everywhere,  and they can be found for relatively inexpensive. This one is a MUST!!


There are so many different white pieces you can wear to get the bridal look. A garter is the perfect accessory to match with your bridal lingerie. They are going to be slipping it off with their teeth come wedding day so it is a playful hint at what is to come.


These usually come with a beautiful pattern all the way up to your neck line. This is perfect if you are looking for something more modest.


We have successfully captures some of our all time favorite images with no wardrobe at all. Whether is artistic nudes, implies nudes, or fine art, you don’t need anything but you for this one.


Again with the “no wardrobe necessary”, nothing says classic boudoir like a simple “in the sheets” images. This is such a favorite of so many women beacuse it is the ultimate “leave a little to the imagination.” You can appear completely naked while revelaing less than most pictures in typical lingerie. The white sheet is usually the final “outfit” and it ends the album with a bang.


Too many accessories can be a distraction. That said a few peices here and there can really bring an outfit together. Feel free to bring necklaces, bracelets or body jewelry you think would add to your images. Make sure to remember your wedding or engagement ring!


  • Two weeks before your photo shoot, fully plan and organize your boudoir wardrobe and accessories.
  • Do Laundry. Remove lint and press if needed. Tighten all bra straps for some extra lift.
  • Polish Your Jewels. Wedding rings and other jewelry should sparkle.
  • Try It All On. Be sure every thing is prepped and ready.
  • Get Organized. Group the coordinating pieces of each ensemble together on the same hanger. Example: Top + Bottom + Bra + Necklace.

Ready… Set… Shop!

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