A Boudoir Experience with Tressie is truly transformative.

Explore new sides of yourself through a journey of self-discovery and self-love.
Every woman deserves to see her true beauty.

Tressie will help you plan every detail of your session, with Style Guides, Beauty Guides, as well as wardrobe styling and suggestions. Together you will create the mood and style you want your session to have. This is the ultimate opportunity to pamper yourself. Imagine how you have dreamed of being photographed, and let’s bring that to life.

Sessions are an all-inclusive investment, providing you everything you need to have the most amazing experience.

We love transformation, both physically and emotionally. Our clients say their portrait experience really changed the way they felt about themselves. We think you are beautiful just as you are, and if you would prefer to have a very minimal look with no makeup or styling, we love that look as well. It’s not all about being really glamorous with hair and makeup, but as women we know that is a really fun part of the process.